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Welcome to Cinethesys

Cinethesys is a technological solutions company, specializing in computer, communications and entertainment solutions. Our style is to emphasize openness, interoperability, maintainability and affordability in every case. This way our clients remain flexible and are not locked in to any solution they may wish to change in the future.

We believe that all customers are unique in their needs and interests, but that all want high quality, practical economics and freedom. The solutions we provide are comprehensive and include the integrated use of up-to-date technologies and one-on-one discussions with our clients to ascertain their unique needs.


About us

We are a consulting company devoted to open standards and customer satisfaction.

Cinethesys is an American company with a reach and presence on two continents. Created by consultants out of an enthusiasm for open integrated technologies that lend efficiency and robustness to the enterprise or home, Cinethesys incorporates expertise in Information Technology, Telecommunication and Audio-Visual Technology with solid customer relations to give the client a smooth experience...Read More

What we do

Consultants with experience and passion work with you in the following areas.

  • Computer networking
  • Phone/Communication systems
  • Computer servicing and maintenance
  • Home/Office automation
  • Home/Office audio-visuals
  • Website Design & Development

What our client say:

test Top notch services at a very decent price. They showed me how an open source alternative solution would meet my needs while saving me 20% when compared to the leading proprietary alternative."
- Anthony U